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Rifts Matrix Decking Conversion Part 2

Decking actions in 3rd age might work like this, the player could either make a roll for each step or skip a few of the steps if the first success was by a large amount.

Step zero is Initiate Matrix Connection- The decker needs a Matrix connected computer and Computer Operation.
Step one is Recon, finding out where the systems are.  This finds hosts to attack.
This information can be gotten by social engineering tips from a person, or by using programs to learn this information.
Step two is Enumeration, finding out what the systems are.  This finds out more information about what is running on the host, including who manufactured, it and what data it is likely to contain.  Requires Computer Operation.  "To review some basic information, there are six types of Nodes in the game: CPUs, DSs, IOPs, SANs, SMs, and SPUs. Each has a distinct function, and each is classified with a color (Blue, Green, Orange, Red) and a security rating (1 through 7).
   Central Processing Unit

   Occurrence: 6.3% (1.0 per system)

   On Map: Hexagon with smaller concentric hexagon inside

   In Matrix: Hexagon-based polyhedron (technically, an octadecahedron - 18

              sides) with three orbital rings

   Notes: Each system has one, and only one, CPU. It's the brain of the system,

          so it's naturally the most heavily guarded.

   Functions: Go To Node - Transports the user directly to any Node on the

                           system without stopping at any Nodes along the way.
                           Note that it's a one-way trip, and after you've been
                           dropped off at your destination, you'll have to
                           fight your way back through any unconquered Nodes.

              Cancel Alert - Resets the alert system, canceling both Passive

                             and Active Alert status. Very handy... the only
                             way that alerts can be canceled, too. Note also
                             that when an alarm is going off inside a building,
                             the corporation's matrix system will be on Active
                             Alert as well. If you wanted to jack in at such a
                             time and were able to make it inside the CPU,
                             canceling the alert will end the alarm as well.

              Crash System - This crashes the system, ejecting you while

                             crippling the CPU. It only really has two uses:
                             Some Matrix runs will require that you crash a
                             CPU -- but more importantly, if you crash a corp's
                             CPU from inside the building, it will deactivate
                             all cameras and maglocks. Pretty nice.



   Occurrence: 30.7% (4.9 per system)

   On Map: Square

   In Matrix: Cube with a hole in one visible face and pairs of triangular

              studs on each of the other two visible faces

   Notes: These Nodes are where you'll get all your data to sell. The vast

          majority of Matrix runs also involve some kind of data transfer from
          within a particular DS.

   Functions: Leave Node - Leaves the Node to travel to one of the adjacent


              Transfer Data - If you're on a Matrix run where you have to

                              upload a file to this particular DS, Transfer
                              Data will perform that function. Similarly, if
                              you're on a run that requires you to retrieve a
                              certain file from this DS, Transfer Data will do
                              that as well. In all other situations, choosing
                              this option will begin a search for random data
                              files. The higher the decker's Computer
                              attribute, the more likely you'll find something.
                              If something is found, you'll be given the option
                              of keeping the file on your deck. Pay attention
                              to the file sizes, as you can only hold as many
                              datafiles as can fit into your deck's free
                              Storage. Regardless of the Storage limitations,
                              though, your deck can only hold a maximum of five
                              files at a time, period. Rarely (unless you've
                              studied this guide and know where and when to
                              find them), you'll download a file that has
                              information that will help you in your quest.
                              When this happens, the screen will tell you that
                              you've found "an interesting file that you
                        download to your notebook." After you jack out,
                              be sure to check out your notebook for the new

              Erase - This command's only purpose is if you're on a Matrix run

                      to delete a file. Otherwise it's a waste of time, and one
                      more chance for the system to catch you and set off an


   Input/Output Port

   Occurrence: 16.3% (2.6 per system)

   On Map: Triangle

   In Matrix: Triangular pyramid with rounded bulges on each face

   Notes: These things are pretty useless. It may be worth noting, however,

          that IOPs (not SANs) are where you enter the system if you jack in
          from inside the corp building. Each terminal inside the building
          corresponds to a particular IOP, and generally speaking, terminals on
          higher floors with tighter security will lead to IOPs that are closer
          to the CPU.

   Functions: Leave Node - Leaves the Node to travel to one of the adjacent


              Lockout - As near as I can tell, this does nothing. It SOUNDS

                        like it does something, giving you the message and all,
                        but I've never noticed anything different after locking
                        out an IOP.


   System Access Node

   Occurrence: 6.3% (1.0 per system)

   On Map: Rectangle

   In Matrix: Rectangular computer chip with seven pins visible on the front

              face (kind of resembles the chips you would see on a SIMM for
              your PC)

   Notes: This is the first Node you will come to if you enter a system from a

          public terminal. SANs are generally very low security and will often
          be unguarded, even on high-end systems. Like the CPU, each system has
          one, and only one, SAN.

   Functions: Enter System - Leaves the Node to travel to one of the adjacent

                             Nodes (same as Leave Node in other Nodes).


   Slave Module

   Occurrence: 19.4% (3.1 per system)

   On Map: Circle

   In Matrix: Sphere with two sets of square notches around it

   Notes: These can be a little bit of a help from inside corp buildings: each

          corp system is guaranteed to have both a Maglocks SM and a Cameras
          SM. Shutting off the former will disable all cameras, while shutting
          off the latter will open all maglocked doors. Besides that, though,
          SMs don't really have any other purpose. Note also that shutting off
          an Alert Control SM has no effect on either Matrix alerts or corp
          building alarms. Bummer.

   Functions: Leave Node - Leaves the Node to travel to one of the adjacent


              Turn Off Node - Takes the Node offline. As mentioned in the notes

                              above, this only has two uses, and is largely for
                              atmosphere, like the IOPs.


   Sub-Processor Unit

   Occurrence: 23.2% (3.7 per system)

   On Map: Hexagon

   In Matrix: Hexagon-based polyhedron (technically, an octadecahedron - 18


   Notes: These types of Nodes are basically only there for structure. SPUs

          usually don't serve any purpose but to be just another Node with ice
          that deckers have to get through in order to reach the juicy CPUs and
          DSs. You'll spend a lot of time going from SPU to SPU in your

   Functions: Leave Node - Leaves the Node to travel to one of the adjacent


Once you enumerate you get a map like this of what systems there are, possibly not showing the entire map until you access adjacent systems .

Step three is Vulnerability Analysis - finding out what systems have weaknesses which may be compromised.
Requires Computer Operation and Computer Hacking to make sense of the results and determine a plan of attack.
Step four is Execution - Requires Computer Hacking.  Each action costs points and the more points you have the more likely someone or program is going to notice the actions and come investigating.

Once you get execution rights to a host you can perform the following actions, each action requires a computer programming and computer hacking roll to see how well it went.  Every 100pts of action some type of counter measure will be deployed and the threat level will go up one from 1-to a varying number depending on the host security level (green,red, yellow, etc).  Once the host is at its max level it shuts down.  Every level the host will try try to either trace roll 1d4, 1 disconnect, 2 attack, 3 or deploy a decker of its own, 4 .

Access the Host or devices attached to the host like cameras, door locks, motion detectors, 5pts.

Control the Host - Execute commands on host, modify host configuration, shutdown host, deny host service. 25pts

Index the Host to determine exactly whats on it. 10pts

Access host files - read, copy or modify host files. 5/10/25pts

Some example system maps:

Matrix Connections in the Merctown Docks are only available at Retrofit Robots and the Dragon's Head Brewery Medium quality rooms.

Here is an attempt at mapping computing in Rifts to systems based on:

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#84 #85 # 86 Save Towjam, Merctown Bazaar and Magic Zone

#84 Towjam get's rebuilt
Everyone keeps living at gunmans tavern,
towjam low lifestyle -20k
caldor drago high lifestyle -80k, caldor rents 2nd room under name drago -80k
Take towjam to marvels mechania, get rebuilt for 3mil into his previous body
Jearnmarc is identified as a red death ally
Jean Marc gets the corrupted tree item from drago, tells drago splugorth have been sent to kill him

Jean mark has banzi tree named mini
Group learns greenskins vs booster boys fight happened outside the gunmans tavern
marco grants access to the merctown bazaar for a fee
Boosterboys tailed pcs around while they rode the bus, caldor tossed a grenade at some causing mayhem and stopping the tail.  The grenade killed 2 innocent bystanders.
Drago learns from Jean Mark that desslyth and or his minions is active in merctown.
Drago pays 10000gp to get into bazaar, caldor and towjam each pay 1mil.

Entering the bazaar finds some strange things for sale and an entrace further into the ground where the magic zone lies.

Wils MegaDeck computer 500k
All equipment including robots from north american companies.
Other items may be for sale with dice rolls for find contraband/streetwise.

Group asks about safe they brought to morgon brooks to open at discount enhancement store in merctown.
Group brought safe earlier to morgeth underbridge
once opened, bluey gets 3x natgeo magazines worth 6000 each
a canister of film is found withch morgeth claims
x3 computer hard drives claimed by towjam
200 silver peices to drago
100 sp to bluey, tow, caldor, jean marc

Group sees Red Devils outside gunmans tavern with a laptop, they are pointing at drago before drving off in a car.
Tow Jam realizes Drago's comlink has been bugged some how by scanning.
Towjam takes his cyberdeck and dragos comlink to try to figure out how it was hacked.
Bluey gets 6th sense from worm about bikers who chased off the red devils car, "we cant stay here at gunmans much longer"
Characters make some investments to transport to Tolkeen and ready themselves for the voyage...



Drago 133255
+1000 survival  +100 buys armor for dragon sizesd utility belt 600sdc 80lbs , harness 1500sdc 200lbs, backpack  100lbs 1000sdc, -1million cr +200 learns about coligiate arcana in merctown after paying 5million for pass to the magic zone +100 meets Garzam the Grimm who offers to teleport drago and his loot to tolkeen to aide int he war effort after drago mentioned known Dean Vask @ tolkeen +100 skills

Caldor 93351
+1000 survival  +50xp skills +200 buys 100x WI40M medium range plasma launchers for 19,750,000cr +100 guarding +100 buys NG cargo naut hover vehicle for 1,360,000

Bluey 54000
+1000 survival +300 +100 skills +100 guard truck +1000 +50 buys wilks milgrade scrambler for -250k cr +200 buys 10x GL20 grenade launchers for 13,050,000, 40rd mag of AP grenades,
7000 grenades of AP for 7,000,000 +100 leaves truck at GAW safehouse +200 gives enforcer to Bandito Arms boss, gains favor with merctown syndicate for showing respect

Towjam 26215
+2000 survival  +375 skills +100 drives hover pod +1000
Jean Marc
gets given damaged splugorth armor of ithan talisman (100mdc 1/day) corrupted Millenium tree staff, perl of power, and mystic Power armor by drago +200 notice comlink was hacked +100 take comlink to lair to study it

Jean Marc 12525
+3000 survival/rp
15525  Jean Marc has reached 5th level

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Merctown Arms Bazaar

caldor, tow jam, drago pay each pay 1mil+swearing and intelligence on splugorth desslyth to marco owner of gunmans tavern, gain pleb status after swearing to merctown.
The Arms Bazaar 
This area is accessible from the Docks via the Rogues Alley's, and blocks access into the deeper parts of Merctown.  The Bazaar has the access point into the invite only payzones of Merctown.
L2 costs 1,000,000cr fee to register as a civil defender volunteer of Merctown which grants access to its armory. "Plebs" title.
Merctown laws are similar to Roman Civil Law and require the Mercenary applicant to swear to do the following:

"Protect the City and the profession.  Assist in Military Security"
"Act Justly, Honorably, Honestly, Legally, and Responsibly"
"Provide dutiful service to your employers"
"Advance the profession"

Swearing the above vows does require the person buying the permit swear to be on call to defend Merctown from invasion if it should have ever need in exchange for access to its arsenal.

Corporate Stores
NG - all ng gear
Wellington - all wellington gear
Wilks - all wilks gear
Titan Industries - all Titan Robots
Triax via Krause Imported Arms - entire Triax range of pistols and rifles

Max's Munitions - botstopper mini missles and upgraded ordinance
Arms of Yore - sdc melee weapons with +4sdc dmg, +2 strike/parry
Nine Lives Armory - Powerarmor and Body Armor repairs
Ashwood and Pullies - SDC ranged weapons
Outrider Armaments - All Bandito Arms Gear
Devilman exotic Arms - Zo'Wor the TW runs it
Vannor's Weapons Repair
Old Time Gunstore - SDC Firearms
V'laan Invisible friends - can cast permanent invisibility on an item for a fee
Bionic Weapons Masters
Bakr Enterprises - only deals in bulk

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#82/83 Merctown Mayday

The group is still staying at the Gunman's Tavern.

Encounter 0
Players have to buy nights at the inn per or they have to sleep in their cars.

Rent at the Gunmans for low quality is 10000cr/week for low or
Basic in room wired network access.
 social +5% - ambush -5% - regen +5%

20000cr / week for medium quality lifestyle rooms.
Computers: No legit access without Low Lifestyle.   Medium/High/Luxury Lifestyles give +5/10/15% bonus to computer skills due to the quality of the connection and systems used.

Access is still range limited, the distance to the nearest Matrix Operator 5miles linkup to the customer for Mid (wireless radio)
social +10% - ambush +5% - regen +10%

Just in time to rescue Tow Jam, the Players meet up with the tree druid Jean Marc.  Jean uses dowsing to lead them tow jam who has been cybersnatched and to a cyber shop of ill repute. This "chop shop" contains the remains of tow jam.  They aren't sure its a chopshop until they see a bucket of blood.
The group follows the dowser to get into the shop.
The sleezy cyberdoc denies knowing anything about the missing tow jam.
Players notice a barrel with human limbs likely from tow jam.
finally There is a fight, the doc jumps back, and his full conversion borg goes into combat.
The borg gets tossed ontop of the dr who is killed instantly under the ton of metal.
Then the borg flies away, escaping dragos attempts at chasing him.
The chopshop is mostly demolished, covering the underground complex underneath that held the bodies of the 3 rescued by the group who were still alive, and many more.

Tin Duhk playd by tow jams player gets Tow jam back to the goldenage weaponsmiths hq and drops him off to get rebuilt.

Caldor gets more radio/phone messages "why isnt Ack Bar Al - SHAFAR whackd yet?

(who has a merctown phone?  Tin dhuk does)

Drago gets a msg from greenskin leader asking what he is doing to aide the federation and claim his lordship.

Session ends with the group back at gun mans tavern waiting to see if towjam can be saved...

Group learns Freehold is barely holding back the CS in Tolkeen, and is asking for dragons to come fight to hold the dragon kingdom of Freehold.  Freehold has issued a decree it will grant a domain to any dragon who can hold against the cs.

group rescued the following npcs: towjam, little girl, 30k, 30k cr each to rescue at emergency clinic.
Group takes bodies to Marvels Mechanica after rescuing whos medicin for 90k total saved them.  Left truck and hoverbike at GAW office.

tow jam needs a new body his old one was cybersnatched...

Caldor remembers a mayday party at the Pit, caldor failed to get into the night crawler bar.
Scritch still wants caldor to do a job.
Drago gave the following items to to jean marc,
corrupted tree item 1/day armor of ithan staff
pearl of power
mystic powerarmor

Merctown patrols were inspecting the car of caldor, looking for him more, but the group kept him hidden.

#82 5/1/2017 #83?
Drago the Great Horned Dragon Hatchling 
130930 +1500 survival skills 225 +100xp +100 ro +100 rp +75 skills +25 borg +100 takes safe to kings ransom pawn broker +100 good idea giving tree druid items

Caldor the Kreeghor Bounty Hunter 
91226+1600 survival +25 borg +225 skills  +25 drives bubble car +200 rp +50 avoid mercs, is now wanted.

Bluey the Dogpack Bioborg Linewalker host to Zee 
48775 +1700 survival+50 borg +125 skills +50 buys medium quality room for 20k +100 IDs bodies in chop shop +100 rp +200 rp -90k cr +3000xp saving 3 innocents with medical care

Tin Duhk vet GAW agent +1500 survival +25 borg +100 skills +50 sleeps with truck +100 rp

Tow Jam  GAW agent 22015  +4000 survival  +200 rp

Jean Marc 4th Level Millenium Tree Druid 6025 +3000 survival +100 borg +1000 locating and rescuing tow jam with dowsing +200 rp +200 rp +2000 rescuing 2 other people with dowsing
12525 needs 14801