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#82/83 Merctown Mayday

The group is still staying at the Gunman's Tavern.

Encounter 0
Players have to buy nights at the inn per or they have to sleep in their cars.

Rent at the Gunmans for low quality is 10000cr/week for low or
Basic in room wired network access.
 social +5% - ambush -5% - regen +5%

20000cr / week for medium quality lifestyle rooms.
Computers: No legit access without Low Lifestyle.   Medium/High/Luxury Lifestyles give +5/10/15% bonus to computer skills due to the quality of the connection and systems used.

Access is still range limited, the distance to the nearest Matrix Operator 5miles linkup to the customer for Mid (wireless radio)
social +10% - ambush +5% - regen +10%

Just in time to rescue Tow Jam, the Players meet up with the tree druid Jean Marc.  Jean uses dowsing to lead them tow jam who has been cybersnatched and to a cyber shop of ill repute. This "chop shop" contains the remains of tow jam.  They aren't sure its a chopshop until they see a bucket of blood.
The group follows the dowser to get into the shop.
The sleezy cyberdoc denies knowing anything about the missing tow jam.
Players notice a barrel with human limbs likely from tow jam.
finally There is a fight, the doc jumps back, and his full conversion borg goes into combat.
The borg gets tossed ontop of the dr who is killed instantly under the ton of metal.
Then the borg flies away, escaping dragos attempts at chasing him.
The chopshop is mostly demolished, covering the underground complex underneath that held the bodies of the 3 rescued by the group who were still alive, and many more.

Tin Duhk playd by tow jams player gets Tow jam back to the goldenage weaponsmiths hq and drops him off to get rebuilt.

Caldor gets more radio/phone messages "why isnt Ack Bar Al - SHAFAR whackd yet?

(who has a merctown phone?  Tin dhuk does)

Drago gets a msg from greenskin leader asking what he is doing to aide the federation and claim his lordship.

Session ends with the group back at gun mans tavern waiting to see if towjam can be saved...

Group learns Freehold is barely holding back the CS in Tolkeen, and is asking for dragons to come fight to hold the dragon kingdom of Freehold.  Freehold has issued a decree it will grant a domain to any dragon who can hold against the cs.

group rescued the following npcs: towjam, little girl, 30k, 30k cr each to rescue at emergency clinic.
Group takes bodies to Marvels Mechanica after rescuing whos medicin for 90k total saved them.  Left truck and hoverbike at GAW office.

tow jam needs a new body his old one was cybersnatched...

Caldor remembers a mayday party at the Pit, caldor failed to get into the night crawler bar.
Scritch still wants caldor to do a job.
Drago gave the following items to to jean marc,
corrupted tree item 1/day armor of ithan staff
pearl of power
mystic powerarmor

Merctown patrols were inspecting the car of caldor, looking for him more, but the group kept him hidden.

#82 5/1/2017 #83?
Drago the Great Horned Dragon Hatchling 
130930 +1500 survival skills 225 +100xp +100 ro +100 rp +75 skills +25 borg +100 takes safe to kings ransom pawn broker +100 good idea giving tree druid items

Caldor the Kreeghor Bounty Hunter 
91226+1600 survival +25 borg +225 skills  +25 drives bubble car +200 rp +50 avoid mercs, is now wanted.

Bluey the Dogpack Bioborg Linewalker host to Zee 
48775 +1700 survival+50 borg +125 skills +50 buys medium quality room for 20k +100 IDs bodies in chop shop +100 rp +200 rp -90k cr +3000xp saving 3 innocents with medical care

Tin Duhk vet GAW agent +1500 survival +25 borg +100 skills +50 sleeps with truck +100 rp

Tow Jam  GAW agent 22015  +4000 survival  +200 rp

Jean Marc 4th Level Millenium Tree Druid 6025 +3000 survival +100 borg +1000 locating and rescuing tow jam with dowsing +200 rp +200 rp +2000 rescuing 2 other people with dowsing
12525 needs 14801

Friday, February 3, 2017

#81 Boosted

Most in game players sit inside the gunman's tavern.
Eventually they get a distress call from Tin Duhk from the parking lot.
Tin Duhk the Golden Age weaponsmiths dealer has been working with the group, he is a full conversion borg who lost his most of his body in battle and has been wired up to Truck #2.

Tow Jam (whos player was not in game) was the driver of truck #1, by the time the group comes out to the distress call, truck #1 has driven off and is mostly out of site, and truck #2 is being guarded by some Biker gangers.

Drago tries to scout the location of truck #1 by flying but it gets away.
Truck #2 has some bikers around it who pelt Caldor with Ramjets, eventually the bikers are neutralized and the single remaining truck of loot is traded in for half of the bounty (125Million black market).

Players learn from streetwise they are a victim of a "Boost" perpetuated by the "Booster Boys".  The most talented computer hacking gang in Merctown when it comes to tech heists, the booster boys are a feared thorn in the side of all organizations in Merctown.  When they can afford various organizated are rumored to hire out the Booster Boys against other organizations.  Tin Duhk says Towjam was knocked unconscious by an unknown hack and taken as loot along with Truck#1.

Sparticus gets a message from GAW his jet is ready at the airport.

Drago tries to send and listens for magic pidgeons to no avail.  Drago finds teleportation in Merctown is jammed.

Bluey takes Tin Duhk to the best cyberhospital in the Warrens and cashes in some of his reward to get a red type Triax body for Tin Duhk.

Upon activation Tin Duhk swears revenge for the kidnapping of Tow Jam and the disappearance of Merl.

A new player has returned, Hiro.  He is working to steal truck #2 and tries to sneak away.  Caldor sees through his magic and pins him to a building near a nightclub by the truck jacking, realizing who he is caldor reluctantly lets Hiro go because Hiro might know how to get to Tow Jam.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

#80 Merctown Warrens Run

The group gears up to travel from the Docks region through one of the 5 gates to the Warrens region.

Drago and Bluey pay to camp at Dragon's Head Brewery
Tojam Camps at GAW Hq

 Bluey and Towjam find out GAW needs the goods transported to their man in the Warrens. Bluey has 250mil worth of reward for saving the 5 elders from the soul suckers. Merl says he has to smuggle it into Merctown Warrens from the GAW dealership, the now blind from radiation captain of the boat per earlier agreement gets 7%. The NPC GAW agents say once the goods are transmitted go to Gunman's tavern for the reward.

The group buys 2 trucks and 1 medium sized vehicle to move to complete the transport.

Drago hears rumors of a magic area from the Dragons head brewry owner in Merctown and wants to get there.

The group learns about Ravenshome theives guild active in the area with x3 streetwise rolls.

Drago confirms Dragons head Brewery owner is actually a dragon.

Bluey rents two rooms one for the injured blinded radioactive boat captain.

Bluey has a Runabout ATV and x2 roadmaster vehicles.

The group sees a hoverbike gang swarming around the docks.

Merl and TinDuhk argue about what body to get Tinduhk.  Since there are no cyberdocs tindukh trusts in the warrens he instists on getting brought further into merctown before he will buy a body.
Tindukh ends up jury rigged to control one of the trucks since he is a full conversion borg who only has his head main torso and life support remaining after an earlier battle.

Sparticus and Caldor pay 25k each to rest in the nicest rooms around.

Sparticus mutters about some deal he made with a CS Dogboy that never paid out.

So Tinduhk drives truck #1.
Tow Jam drives truck #2
Bluey drives his ATV
Caldor Bought a Tumbler ATV for 245k

The group prepares to leave the docks for the warrens, to do so Tow Jam tries to do some cyberrecon on the 5 doc entries to find out who guards them.

Node 1 - Booster Boy Northern Gun OS
Node 2 Unknown Kingsdale OS
Node3 Greenskins Green OS
Node4 unknown/Mephistos horsemen - this broke/bricked  toe jams pc when he tried to access it, so he borrowed dragos ng pc
and found
Node5 recently found unknown owner

A human tells bluey that there is a war between the Greenskins gang and beef with the Red Terror.

Drago meets a PSI goblin Brath and they go into the greenskins gate.

Caldor pays 40gp (40000cr) and takes a bounty from the Greenskin leader Brath to kill Ack Bar Al Shafar within 1 week

Drago cloaks himself as a normal human and pays 300000 cr in gold -300gp

Drago has 0 gold left, dagger, w/ 2 carat agat in pomen,
Blue Pays black market credits

Caldor  buys relative periodicals for gang/merc stuff from newspaper for 50 cr gets 50 papers

He buys them from the threeblind mice newstand which is quickly destroyed by marauding gangers on hover bikes lead by a juicer.    Someone yells its the Megamonkeys run!  And the locals run as a small battle happens, the juicer escapes and a few of his friends are left behind dead under crashed bikes.

There is a damaged ng speedster hoverbike left behind by the gangers the rat takes.

The injured rat is taken to Mans Tavern and talks to Bart asking for cordera.

at 12 noon till night fall the group gets pizza from the diner at #160 bluey gets large pizza red leathered men are also hanging out at the pizza place.

Since he took the bounty Caldor gets a text message on his computer that seems to be a txt description of a video showing a borg pacing with a the picture of Ackbar-al-Shafar Pitmaster of The Pit bar open on a visible communicator device built into the borgs arm:

The text message is as follows:
"This is a description of a video containing the marks location.

Entering his room he tosses his cloak over the bed and impatiently begins to pace, as with great effort he refrains from calling the Pit to speak with this Ackbar-al-Shafar.... Hope Ghoste & Alabaster are doing alright.... bah thats what the Radio is for, if they need me they'll call   

After several minutes Thorn decides the best to calm his raging emotions is meditation. He takes up a seated position on the floor and enters a trance..... waiting.

The mark you seek is at the Pit bar"

After eating pizza the group waits at the Gun mans Tavern to hear about the reward for the goods they drove in from the docks.
This message seems to indicate the target works at The Pit bar.

#80 ends hanging @ the gunman bar with pizza from next door eating it while waiting for the big npc to show up and confirm the shipment and pay Bluey

+250 showin up+175 skills 
+25 survive megamonky attack +200 rp

Sparticus +400 survival+150 skills +50 survive megamonky attack +100 reminder about asking dogboy for knowledge +25 pays for roon +100 does job for dragon owner of Dragons head job+200 rp

Caldor +400 survival +325 skills (mostly streetwise helping id towjams decking finds)+200 possibly infiltrated mephistos horsemen+100 survive megamonky attack+200 rp

Bluey +750 survival +150 skills+100 survive megamonky attack +200 continued efforts to save blinded boat pilot by gettin him to a cyberdoc+200 rp

Towjam+1000 survival +650 skills decking into various defense networks at the 5 gates leading from the docks to the warrens +100 survive megamonky attack +50 drives truck+200 rp

Drago still has atlantean fire rod on his person
Sparticus slept under TW forcefield
Drago used mystic alarm?
Sparticus  does a job for Dragons head unloading gear via supertk:
Sparticus has Aquired - Favor of Dragon owner of Dragons Head

Bluey paid 400k blackmarket credit bribe to the goblin, has gained favor of goblin guard
Caldor thinks he is +10 vs psionics
caldor buys relative periodicals for gang and merc stuff from a local newstand 3 bline mice before it is destroyed

Open plots:
Bluey wants to get paid for his goods
The blind mouse wants revenge for his store burning down
Caldor has a job to do
Towjam has to make sure Bluey finishes the job, no matter what
Sparticus wants to know what info he gets from the dogpack he dealt with earlier...

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Merctown Warrens

Hi-tech Slums by d-art-studios on DeviantArt
Every time someone goes to the Warrens  or Arms Bazaar from the docks one must pass  through the "ganger's alleys" where it is highly likely a robbery attempt will happen.

Warrens, from the docks you must get your goods past the warrens to the more populated areas where they can be sold for more.

Every 4 hours when wandering the warrens If a streetwise roll is not made, roll on the
Random Ganger's Alley Table
0-24% nothing happens
The Booster Boys 25%
CyberStreet Gang 26-50
The Greenskins 50-80
Miphisto's  Horsement 81-90
MegaMonkeys 91-100

A Three Blind Mice Flying Drone data dumps the following into anyones computer upon entering the Warrens: "The Three Blind Mice Welcome you to the Warrens, for your Merctown Rags, Visit Three Blind Mice. The following areas are open *lists areas". Medical/Cyber:
Cyberstreet clinic 151, Ubermans Augmentation 152, man of metal 153, superjuice augmentation 155, Discount Enhancement 156, Marvels Mechania 157 Feathered Serpent Pharmacy 154
Bodycanvas Tatoos 185

Hospitality, Food, Drink, Rest:
Cyber Street Tenement (Housing) 158
The Gunman's Tavern 159
West Warren Diner 160
Emma's Boarding House 161
Robyns Rib Rack and Beer sak
Tony's Place
Ogre's Den Tavern and Flop House
Roach's Hotel
Golden Nugget Hotel
Arcadia Video arcade
Three Aces Motel
Blackwitch Casino
Bardun's Basement
The Ravenshome Inn and Tavern
Crown and Saber Tavern
Army Cot Flophouse
Hangmans Hotel and Tavern
The Redemption Hall Church and Civic Center

The Weight Pile fitness club
Flesh Peddlers Club
Hydra's Breath
Montes Feltway Casino
Merctown Escourts, Visions of Delight club
Soundbox music sales
One-Eye'd Jacks elegant casino
Bloodcourt juicerball stadium
Nirvana Juicers Retreat
Sharky's poolhal
Nightcrawlers Club
The Pit
The Broken Skull

Buyers Market Pawnshop  163
Srongbox Resale Shop
Midnight Transport
King's Ransom Pawnbroker
Cadger's Pawn Brokers
Three Blind Mice Newsstand
Tomes of Yore
Benito's Bodago pawn broker
Shadow Magic

Access to the Outskirts from the Warrens-  Free and accessible through wall exits in the warrens.  Those outside towns walls and not having keycards for the access levels will be considers spies or worse if they are found snooping around the businesses like the airport which lie outside of Merctown.

The Pay Zones include the secret nicer parts of town hidden under the warrens and arms bazar ,which aren't as heavily armored and have more strict regulations (no weapons/armor/powerarmor).

L1 Merctown Warrens Pass - 100,000cr blackmarket fee or trade-goods worth 300,000
On its surface merctown is only a small trading outpost on the river.  However there is a secret sprawling partially hidden underground city which is also open to those who prove their worth.

The L1 merctown pass to the Warrens is the path to eventually earning The L2 VIP pass which unlocks the well known Members Only Arms Bazaar which lies in a heavily fortified area at the edge of the warrens..  VIP is granted to those showing restraint and willing to undergo searches to make sure they don't endanger the interior of Merctown.

Once In L1 you can learn about the L2 Arms Bazaar Pass

Map #s

The Warrens:
151- Cyber Street Clinic
152- Uberman's Augmentation
153- Men of Metal
154- Feathered Serpent Pharmacy
154a- Gabriel's Discount TW
155- Super-Juice Augmentation
156- Discount Enhancement
157- Marvels Mechanica
157a- The Animal House (The Black Bastards' HQ)
158- Cyber Street Tenement
159- The Gunman's Tavern
160- West Warrens Diner
161- Emma's Boarding House
162- The Weight Pile
163- Buyer's Market Pawnshop
164- Robyn's Rib Rack & Beer Shack
165- Tony's Place
166- The Ogre's Den Tavern & Flop House
167- Flesh Peddler's
168- Roach's Hotel
169- The Mausoleum
170- Strongbox Retail Shop
171- Midnight Transport
172- The Haze
173- Hydra's Breath
174- Monte's Fellway
175- MercTown Escort Service
176- The Sound Box
177- Visions of Delight
178- One-Eyed Jacks
179- Gold Nugget Hotel
180- Firewaters
181- Blood Court
181a - The Watering Hole
182- Nirvana, the Juicer Retreat
183- Sharky's
184- Nightcrawlers
185- Body Canvas
186- Arcadia
187- Black Witch Casino
188- King's Ransom Pawnbroker
189- Cadger's Pawn Brokers
190- Three Aces Motel
191- Bardun's Basement
192- The Ravenshome Inn & Tavern
193- Crown & Sabers Tavern
194- Three Blind Mice
195- Catacombs
196- Army Cot Flop House
197- Hangman's Hotel & Tavern
198- Raven's Roost Buriesque House
199- Tomes of Yore
200- Benito's Bodago
201- The Pit
202- Shadow Magic
203- The Broken Skull
204- The Redemption Hall