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The City of Dweomer

An unofficial take on Dweomer... since my campaign may take a turn there in the future...

50k +5k transient

Groups of association:

..::Marble Tower::.. by =NightmareGK13 on deviantART

Palladium League

Officially Lead by the Three, they refuse to deal with non Palladium League members directly. Based in the Marble Tower.

Open to all human, elf dogboy or dwarf by associations, others by proof of action. There are few others allowed in and many whisper of the racism and elitism of this group. They don't care what the other groups think and have a very insular view of the outside world, the true isolationist block of Dweomer they dread to see more monsterous and dangerous outsiders come in and disturb their idea of the ideal polite society. Nearly all entrants to the academies setup by the Three to teach the skills of the magi are from the Palladium League.

humans 53% 24k, organized into "Labour Forces" and members of the military Academies
Elves 10% 5000 Teu-Tel'Quessir "Silver Elves"
Dogboys 3% 1500 Mutant Liberation Army
dwarves 3% 1500 Clan Urist

Sky Island Robot Works by *farawayforest on deviantART
Sabre Lasar's Dweomer Garrison

Based in the old Sky Island Robot Works factory.
Established by mutual trade agreement, Lasar has ingratiated himself with leadership of Dweomer by giving them generous deals on liberated Coalition equipment and offering his men as a garrison in times of war in return for having a safe harbor to refuel and restock. Most of the technological services in Dweomer are provided by this garrison, as the Palladium League things the use of technology inferior to magic, and they own the nicest parts of town, you have to go to the dirty side of the tracks to get any tech items or services. Lasar's Garrison is a city block structure which offers Operater services and repairs of north american Robotics, weapons and Vehicles. Prices are steep however as there are few such places in the Magic zone (x2).

The actual members of the Garrison are recon squads that typically range far and wide letting Lasar know of opportunities or incursions into territories on the edge of the Zone. Often they just work on the inside border of Coalition Territory hitting CS zones posing as Federation militants. They are also the merchants who deal in goods aquired by Lasar squads travelling long distances to find buyers in and around the Magic zone who have no qualms using Coalition equipment. Lasar is trying to grow his influence outside of the Pecos Empire and this garrison is seen as a a stragegic move by him to maintain a foothold in the north. He ships a large tonnage of equipment in and out of this zone daily by rift for transport throughout the northern regions through a variety of unmarked and bogus Coalition Company marked vehicles.

humans 2000 mostly operators and technologists displaced by the magic users but unwilling to live in the ghettos the department of sanitation lives in.

simvan 11% 5500 Clan of Quintex
quick flex 6% 3000 Twitch Club

Dweomer Department of Sanitation

Lead by Tor-Nul a 13th level Elite Pogtal Dragon Slayer

Made of up Squads, they are sent out in times of war or to do large scale fortifications or debris cleanup. Few can survive the onslaught of an angry squad of Department of Sanitation. The Department operates at a stoneage tribal level and does not use modern technology except during times of war. During times of war the Lasar's Garrison typically outfits the larger members of the Department of Sanitation with vehicular weapons systems taken from bots disabled in battle and modified into hand held weapons for the giants to use. Lives in very poor brutal conditions which most barely notice.

vanguard brawlers 7 %4000 and Nmbr gorilla men 4% Big fist and Little Fist
giants 5% 2500 Big Foots
pogtal dragon slayers 5% 2500 Slayer
Broadkil, Gargoyles, Demons

The city II by ~Sedeptra on deviantART

Upper Dweomer, home of The Blood

Ruled by King Char a 15th Level Fire Dragon. "The City Two" aka Upper Dweomer is only accessibly via flight.

A loose association of Dragons who patrol the region and claim it as part of their domain, periodically patrolling the boarders on flying recon patrols.
They maintain jurisdicton in all Draconic activities in Dweomer and all Dragons have immunity from human laws in the region.

Some humans secretly worship one of them in the name of Dragonwright, Fang a 10th Level Hydra with delusions of grandeur. The majority of the rest of the dragons view Dweomer as a rare safe haven for their kind, some of the adults have secret egg caches in the city. Typically though they engage in most of their operations elsewhere using Dweomer as a secondary port of call and trade outlet, having a second primary lair elseware to bring in trade. This influx of loot has made the blood very wealthy in Dweomer eyes and the few dragons there are have residences in the most opulent of places the Palladium Guilds towers have to offer.
200 adult dragons 800 hatchlings (100 are chars aka Char Juniors)

Note that open worship of dragons or any other supernatural creature or demon is illegal in Dweomer.

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